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NIM has just celebrated its 30th anniversary and is now looking ahead to the next fifty years with an ambitious vision. Our goal is to cultivate new generations of leaders who will make significant impacts in both business and society. Achieving this dream relies heavily on the generous support of our alumni community. We firmly believe that our students, faculty, and alumni are the driving force behind the Institute's vision.
Giving to NIM is more than an act of alumni loyalty; it’s a commitment to the values and mission of NIM and an endorsement of its impactful work. To continue advancing our mission, we aim to foster an environment that nurtures innovative ideas and encourages a dynamic exchange of ideas. The collective support of our alumni through contributions of funds, time, expertise, and assistance for job placements of MBA students is vital for our ongoing quest for excellence in management education. Your contributions can profoundly impact the future of NIM, helping us shape a better world through education and innovation.


All donations to the Student Emergency Fund will directly support our students as they adapt to changing circumstances.



Everything that I learned at Kempbelle University really helped put me above the competition in the field of business management.

Alyssa Watson
BA Business Management