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NIM Facilities

ICT: Tech Hub & Innovation

Explore Limitless Possibilities at Our Cutting-Edge Computer Lab!


Knowledge Unbound: Explore the Infinite Realm of Learning at Our E-Library!

Career Development and Placement cell

Strategic Career Guidance, Networking, and Industry Connections, Paving the Way for Successful Professional Journey.

Conference room and seminar hall

Modern Spaces, Equipped for Collaborative Discussions, Seminars, and Academic Events, Fostering Innovation and Knowledge Exchange.

Projectors and Audio Visual facility

Cutting-edge Projectors, Enhancing Classroom Experience, Fostering Interactive Learning Environments for Comprehensive Education.

IT Infrastructure

Robust Wi-Fi, State-of-the-Art IT Infrastructure, Enabling Seamless Connectivity and Digital Learning Experiences for Students' Success.

Beyond the Classroom

Explore the Vibrant Canvas of Our Campus Experience with classrooms designed as per specialization!

Language Centre

Unlocking Linguistic Potential: Embrace the World of Words at Our Language Centre!

Library : Embark on a Literary Odyssey

Unveiling the Gateway to Knowledge at Our College Library!

Mentor and Mentee

Experienced mentors offer guidance, wisdom, and networks to shape your business acumen. 

Yoga/ Meditation

Promote holistic well-being, fostering a conducive environment for students to cultivate mindfulness and enhance their overall mental and physical health.


Our expert consultants provide strategic guidance, market analysis, and innovative solutions tailored to your business challenges. 

Health Center

We offer comprehensive healthcare services, from routine check-ups to mental health support, ensuring you thrive academically and personally. 


Through tailored support, students receive assistance in identifying suitable programs, refining application materials, and navigating the admissions process, enhancing their prospects for academic and professional success.