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“Health creates capacity; students whose health status is positive and flourishing have greater ability and readiness to learn and engage fully in all meaningful educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. . . . The learner as a whole person matters in the learning.”
Young adults are at a critical juncture in development. As they learn to manage their own health and health care with less parental oversight, they are forming habits that will affect well-being, learning, and personal and career fulfillment over a lifetime. That’s why NIM health center is actively engaged in fighting the use of tobacco, alcohol and promoting good nutrition, sleep, and exercise
The demands on NIM health center are greater and more complex than ever. More students today come to campus with significant health needs, including mental health challenges.
Going beyond providing medical and mental health care and shaping the environment through a comprehensive public health approach, including prevention and education, is complicated and difficult. But health care facilities at NIM pay off in healthier and more successful students and, in the long term, a healthier adult population.
In addition to specialized Psychological counseling facilities, NIM health care center has facilities for providing first aid and in case of emergencies; the sick persons are taken to the Siddhivinayak Hospital and Asha Kendra hospital for the treatment.

Blood donation camp and routine health checkup camps are conducted by NIM health center on regular basis.